Our website has been newly opened. For those who have been waiting for so long,you are very welcome to visit our website now.
You could both use our old website address which is and the new address
You could find all kinds of Hotfix items that our company provide in the website.

There are 4 different catagories in our website menu such as "COMPANY, PRODUCT, DESIGN and CONTACT US".

-In "COMPANY" category, you can find our company information, introduction and news.
We provide you with recent news such as our new products and holidays.

- Secondly, you can check the pictures, sizes and colors for all of our items in "PRODUCT" section.
This makes it easier to find your needed items.

-Thirdly, in "DESIGN" section, you can find some motifs just for your reference how the items were used.
You can also find how our motifs are applied to different kinds of fashion garments such as belts,shoes,clothes,bags and etc. in the gallery.

-Lastly, in our "CONTACT US" section, you will find the method of ordering our items.
For those who have contacted us for the first time, you could send us e-mail directly from here as well.
If you have any questions, you can check our F.A.Q(Friquently Asked Questions)for your reference.

We are very glad to show you our information through these 4 different catagories in our website.

Now, hope you enjoy our newly opened website.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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