Merry Christmas~!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~!
Season Greeating
Thank you very much for all your support and cooperation over the year. All the staff in Creart International hope your business will be successful more than this year and have the best wishes for the new year. Wish you have a wonderful holiday with your family and Happy New Year! Creart International Corp.
① Dome 7mm It's good news to you. Dome 7mm is being produced for now and finally,Dome 7mm as the new size is coming at the end of November. As the release of Dome 7mm, all the sizes (2mm to10mm) are available for Dome Hotfix now and all the 39 colors are available for Dome 7mm as well. If you want to get some samples or more information in detail, please ..
All our Hotfix is; -Made in Korea -1st quality -Two-cut -Waterproof Glass Item 1.Rhinestone: It is used widely as the most basic glass item. It is usually 8 or 12 faced. 2.Ringed Stone: It is a Rhinestone ringed around and the ring is metal. We use the same color name of Rhinestone and it comes with 3 colors of Ring; Silver, Gold and Antique. 3.Pasco: It..
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