Yahoo News
The news article of newly updated website of Creart International Corp. is posed on the YAHOO NEWS. Please go and check this news for the information you may need. Creart International Corp will be a good business partner which is reliable and loved by customers.
Grid Hotfix
Grid Hotfix -We are pleased to introduce our new item which is Grid Hotfix. It is Octagon-shaped with grid on the table. We hope you are interested in our new items. Feel free to contact us at for further details.
Grid Hotfix Colors
These are the colors of Grid Hotfix which have been produced so far. Please refer to Rhinestud since the actual colors are the same as those of rhinestud. Various colors of Grid Hotfix will be produced soon, feel free to contact us if you need some color.
Convex Ellipse Good news! Creation of Rhinestud which is called Convex Ellipse is currently being released. Unlikely to the Shape of Boat, it has curved cutting and rounded belly. Please give us your great support and interest. Feel free to contact us at for further details.
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