1. PLACE AN ORDER: Please inform us the below correctly by email or fax. Your own Purchase Order form can be used.

  - Item name (Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Dome, Nailhead, etc.)
  - Description (Size, Color, Shape, Type, etc.)
  - Order Quantity (Hotifx: by Gross or by Pack // Hotfix Tape: by Box)
  - Your Contact Information (Company name, Contact person's name, Address, Phone&Fax numbers, Email address, etc.)
2. PROFORMA INVOICE: We send you a Proforma Invoice by email for your order then you need to check if it is
                                     correctly written and confirm us by return.
3. LEAD TIME: When we send you Proforma Invoice, we inform you the availability of your order items and
                       the lead time for the unavailable items.
4. PAYMENT: Once you confirm the Proforma Invoice and lead time, you may make a payment.
5. PACKING: Meanwhile, we start packing your order items.
6. SHIPMENT: Your order items are delivered by your chosen courier or forwarder upon your payment confirmation.
7. SHIPPING ADVICE: As soon as your courier or forwarder picks up your order items, we give you a shipping advice
                                 by email.

  - Cargo Details (Numbers of boxes and total gross weight)
  - Commercial Invoice Preview
  - Packing Detail (only when the cargo is more than 2boxes)
  - Flight or Vessel Schedule
  - B/L or Tracking Number
  - Transit Time
Korea Local Time